Redefining Quantum Chemistry

Making it possible

Creating a state of the art Quantum Chemistry Package

PiDust uses available quantum computing hardware to simulate drugs, chemicals, materials and other quantum systems. Our methods are the building blocks for new material design and drug discovery. We are using quantum computers as an innovative platform to solve unsolved problems.

We believe applications should be built to scale with the cutting edge technology. PiDust is dedicated to solve the most demanding computational challenges by building software that allows applications to continually benefit from advances in both quantum and classical hardware.

Join the PiDust team

We are a team of physicists, chemists, software developers, and quantum computing experts. We share passion and drive to uncover new ways of solving problems using state of the art classical and quantum software.

If you want to develop leading quantum software, and your background is in computational chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science or quantum information, we’d love to hear from you.